Tantra Goddesses Temple

Tantric Goddesses

Destined to hedonistic people, for those that want to live at liberty and to exercise the right to feel well, feeling with the things that us like and when little more exalts the sensibility. To try to be nice is a vital unavoidable responsibility. Here you were finding Tantric Goddesses of the different schools tŠntricís, who have adopted the art of the love conscious as philosophy of life. Our motivation is the desire to transmit our knowledge neatly and sincerity, where the healthy pleasure is included as steps for the ascension and healing to level all you level it like in emotionally - sexually. Our aim is to come to all those persons who want to know Millenium and Sacred Art of the Tantra and of the conscious love of way is honest and with real vocation. Our satisfaction is yours.

About Tantra, The Art of the Tantra

The tantra is the love in his high expression, it is the expansion of the mind for the liberation of the energy, the expansion of the mind on all seven levels of conscience and the liberation of the energy of the dimensions dense of the matter. The art of the tantra transports us to a space in which it increases our sensibility and our feelings of pleasure, evoking a happy condition of the being. The tantra is an art, it is a love, is to give and to receive, to stop to flow an energy, to transmit her, to raise her to a very top condition, they are not technical in the search of sexual pleasures. The tantra is the search of the spiritual increase, is to find the balance and to be able like that to enjoy this life in harmony the universe. The tantra is the door of access to the absolute truth.

The Yoni and the Lingam

The Sanskrit word for the sexual masculine organ is Lingam and for the sexual feminine organ it is Yoni, In the Tantra, or Holy Sexuality, the Lingam and the Yoni are respectfully seen and honored, canalize pleasure and creative energy that gives origin to the miracle of the life.


1-Tantra Massage

The massage tantric is a ritual, it is the adoration to the body and to his interior being, it is a meditation and balance of energies for the awakening and the ascension of the Kundalini. Across the practices of pranayama we reach a condition of corporal and mental easing, are like that prepared to receive the sweet, compassionate and loving touches, our sensibility is increased and we prune to feel mas there of the imaginable thing, our feelings sublime are made present liberating all the mental conditioning and possible imbalances to emotional level. A tantric massage , it is a spiritual deep ecstasy, the pleasure comes out the limits of to feel genital to expand to every body and more there of.

2-Tantra Massage for Couples

Our sessions of couple are for persons who undertake to reveal new sides of yes same, as well as of his relations, seeking to raise the condition of conscience across the pleasure in a sure and professional environment. These sessions are an adventure to explore our sensuality, to increase the sensibility. There is tried to raise the conscience of our body, to educate ourselves in the massage of healing, be aware of the union across the love. They will be instructed in the massage of the lingam and of the yoni.
3- Nyasa Massage - 4 hands

The stimulation of the " Sacred Points ", it allows the individual to yield itself to a form of pleasure to which it cannot be accustomed. The massage to 4 hands allows to experience this softer, receptive and pleasant side from a not traditional perspective. This massage is a tool across which the man accedes to a high condition of the conscience by means of the pleasure. Nyasa's intention is to experience different plane, to wake the sense up in areas where it is normally inactive, in the such places as organs and muscles. The tensions come loose, but this is only a step of the process. Nyasa has a powerful effect in the body and the mind, has methods to touch and to wake up the numerous dimensions of the mind, where the widespread pleasure creates an atmosphere loaded with sensuality, ecstasy, fullness and well-being.

4- Tantric Meditations  

The tantric meditations, they have as aim increase the feminine side in every individual, find the harmony and the balance in us themselves, who flows towards all our environment, improving the relation with the others, they are based on corporal movements to the sound of the sacred mantras of the tantrismo, in some cases Yoga is accompanied of Kundalini's Kriyas  Each of these meditations they entrust demonstrating the perfection of our being, in those zones in which we are lacking or in condition of the so called sluggish points. The results are
Surprising since we start looking at the life and everything what surrounds us from a different optics, we manage to be fully conscious of the beauty, everything what we observe becomes beautiful and sacred, we learn to value the life, our body, the nature, other beings and manage to understand that we all are a part of the same universe where the negative aspects as the suffering are an alone product of our mental condition.

5- Pranayama Control of the prana.

The pranayama is a technology of breathing across which we control the flow of energy. This practice to part of his numerous therapeutic benefits, controls the mind, it is a bridge of connection with the cosmic prana, one accedes to a condition of deep easing and of connection with our interior without the conditioning of the mind. The practices of pranayama allow to be a channel of energy you, to expand and to deliver energy to all those who surround you. Strenuousness and mental control drink to you a high level of vitality

6- Tantric Yoga

Also called tantra white, meditation and easing is based on a series of kriyas, mantras, bhandas, mudras. It is the Breath of the Cobra, the elevation of the energy Kundalini, from his base in the sacred one up to high levels, for different ends and for the high more. The practice of this Yoga needs of a discipline yoguica, of an absolute delivery, for remunerations are innumerates. The practice of the Kundalini Yoga dissolves the stagnant energies that come from the evil use of the tantra.

7-The Tantric Temple

Shakti and Shiva's home, a site sacred, destined for the accomplishment of tantric therapies, delicately decorated. We take care of our such temple which we do it with our body, balancing constant the energies in order that these they flow in harmony towards the same direction, an atmosphere loaded with peace, love and well-being. In a tantric temple we represent the elements and his properties which harmonize body-soul-mind.